At a standstill in the Weight Loss department


Seems I am at a standstill in the Weight Loss department.  Seeking motivation.  I spent alot of time this summer swimming in the pool, but saw no weight loss.  My hope is that it kept me a little bit fitter.

So I am looking at ways to lose weight that don't necessarily involve food - one of them is:

Breathe away weight 

Inhale, exhale and then step on the scale. Women who took a weekly meditation class shed about a pound a week, say scientists from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

For starters, burning fat requires oxygen; the more oxygen, the more fat you can burn. It doesn't matter how much fuel you have if you have no oxygen; but, with enough oxygen, you can quickly burn any fuel you happen to have in "storage." If you aren't breathing, you aren't burning fat; and, if you are holding in your stomach (abdomen), you are not breathing -- you are holding your breath. Let the gut hang! That's right; relax your abdomen and let it "fall" forward as you breathe in fully and deeply as if you are filling your belly with air first -- and then your lungs. Practice this anytime you think of it, but at least five or ten-minutes each day -- or until you get lightheaded from the strange new drug entering your brain. That "drug," by the way, is Oxygen you aren't accustomed to breathing.

Another important fact about breathing is that, when you don't breathe enough, your body becomes acidic and stressed. Your body produces fat, in many cases, to protect you from the harmful effects of acidic chemistry, hormones, etc; and your body only produces fat when you are stressed. Stress slows digestion and causes the production of the stress hormone, Cortisol, which helps you convert undigested food into fat for storage.

 When you breathe deeply and fully -- in and out through your nose -- you turn-off the stress response and head-off the harmful and unwanted effects of stress hormones like Cortisol. Deep, rhythmic breathing also massages your abdomen and digestive organs -- speeding and supporting digestion rather than slowing and inhibiting it.

Basically, if you are looking for one of the world's oldest, most effective, most reliable, and least expensive weight-loss drug, it's Oxygen; and if you're looking for the world's best weight-loss program, that would be breathing. 

Relaxing your mind relaxes your body; and a relaxed body is a stress-free body -- not the ideal environment for fat production or storage. So, if you really want to lose weight the easy way, simply eliminate as many "stresses" from your environment and mind as possible; and, just relax and breathe -- deeply, fully, and easily.

Seems I am at a standstill in the Weight Loss department - so I will try anything :)



Desert Singer December 26, 2010 at 12:24 PM  

Have you heard of Oxycise? A friend loaned her DVD to me, I've never watched it, but as a singer I know the benefits of 'breathing to sing' vs 'breathing to live' are vast!

Your post has inspired me to perhaps watch the dvd before the new year!

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