Fiance and me


This guest post from Zack Hinton

I love living with my fiancé but boy do we have different taste in TV. We’ve got directv lexington and while I would rather watch pretty much anything on BRAVO (think Housewives or Flipping Out or Millionaire Matchmaker) he’s all about the stuff like CSI and Criminal Minds which really just give me the creeps. I can’t believe some people actually like watching shows like that because they’re so dark and it’s so hard to imagine there are such evil people in the world but my fiancé says it’s because he likes knowing what it would be like to be part of a police force.

 I think it’s remarkable so many people are so good at this kind of thing but that lifestyle is something I couldn’t ever get used to, always thinking about dead people and wondering what was going to become of the victims I found. Anyway, I know it’s just TV but I don’t know why we can’t just watch Top Chef instead of all that gory stuff before we go to sleep!



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