The Nursery


 guest post, by Rodrigo Coffey

When my husband and I moved to warmer area we knew we wanted to open up a nursery of our own. No, not that kind of nursery, a tree nursery! We've always loved gardening and being outdoors, so it only makes sense to turn our life's passion into our life's work. We now own 70 acres on the outskirts of town where we cultivate rare and endangered tree species for resell purposes. Sometimes, the local college purchases some of our trees so they can do experiments and to learn ways to better protect these endangered species.

It's really rewarding to know that our work is helping keep an entire type of tree alive! We! invested in clear from CLEARWIRELESSINTERNET4G.COMfor the business so we'd have Internet access all over the property, which has turned out to be a great decision for everyone. My clients love that I can check inventory or order then a specific tree way out in the field, and I love how convenient it is to ring up purchases where ever I am!



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