Weight Loss update - Isagenix shake and cleanse


Things have been going good with my commitment to lose weight and get healthy in 2011.  In years past when I have made the determination to make major changes I have failed.  This year has been different.  I made the decision and have followed through with that decision.  And I feel great.

One of the biggest helps to my success has been the ease and nutrition of the Isagenix products.  I love the way they taste.  The products have such good nutrition that I feel they help me stay on track.

I have lost 44 pounds in 6 months which I am very happy with.  The main reason that it is not a bigger number is the amount of times I have eaten more than I should.  For me this is a good thing.  Normally I would have gone off the program long ago.  What pleases me so much is the fact that I can have the cheats and still get back with the program and continue to lose.

The slow weight loss is good at my age (52) because it gives my body a chance to catch up the changes.


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