My Estate Sale Journey with Security


I went to an estate sale today and was really impressed with the house.  I also got a great workout in - the house was literally straight up about a quarter mile.  The lady walking up the winding driveway and I were huffing an puffing.  I bought two larger things and had to make the long trek twice!!

The house itself was great, but what really impressed me was the level of security.  People that know me know I love security cameras and security doors and this house had it all.  The Alarm Systems White House Station was the security system and it was impressive.

I am not paranoid, by any means, but I like to be proactive and I also love all kinds of electronic gadgets.  I took a few minutes to catch my breath, but also to look at the cameras and monitors and the security equipment  in general.  It was not in your face, but the message did come across. 

This was not a house you wanted to attempt to rob :)



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