The trip to the Hospital


Don't you get tired of giving your medical history every time you go to the doctor of the hospital.  I take my mother almost weekly and every time we have to give the prescriptions, insurance cards, etc even though it is the exact same information we gave them last week and the week before.  You would think they would organize their Electronic Health Records in such a way that the patient would not have to go through the hassle each and every time they go to the hospital.

There are companies that deal with this issue for companies and doctors and hospitals.  Looking online I found one of them, OptimusEMR .  They seem to be the leader in Electronic medical Records SoftwareThey organize and store the data for hospitals to make sure no information gets lots and it is available when needed.  This technology is a great time saver.

What a great idea to use Medical Records Software.  Sure would save patients a lot of headaches



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