Insurance shopping


I have been dealing with the insurance company alot the last couple of weeks. Our homeowners insurance went up dramatically and we have been comparison shopping to see if we could get a better price.  So far I haven't been having a whole lot of luck, but we are still waiting for a few bids to come through.        
We also had storms here in St. Louis and Tom had hail damage to his car.  He was lucky that his windshield wasn't broken like so many of the other cars in his work parking lot.

 Looking into insurance I ran across short term insurance at I didn't know this type of coverage existed.   It is health care coverage for a short period of time.  I think there are a lot of times when a person might need this kind of coverage.  It is sure nice to know there are options out there.

I also saw insurance sites just for Kids Health too.  It has tons of useful information, games and quizzes - looks like a website that kids would enjoy.

Who knew.


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