New beginnings - again :)


I have been in diet limbo - losing and gaining.... and losing and gaining.

I was invited to participate in a Weight Loss Research study and they would pay!!  I did all the medical work ups and got a clean bill of health!  Great news.

The study involved three groups, a weight loss group low calorie, a weight loss group low calorie extra protein and the control group.

Guess which group I got picked for????  Yup you got it - the control group - which means I have to go through all the future medically testing along the way, eat the pre packaged food and NOT lose any weight - you are not allowed to lose weight when you are in the control group.

That is the bad news.  I did get $100 for doing the testing and getting qualified.  I decided I did not want to be in the control group for a year - have to go to the meetings, testing and diet food

The good news is that I can still do the weight loss portion on my own.  They use the Medifast products in the study and they say the get great results.

  So that is the new path I am on.  Starting again :)



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