New Beginnings..... Again


Struggling on...... again....

But this time I have decided to make an investment in myself and hire a weight loss coach.

So far it has been the best decision I have made about my weight struggle and my health.  I have been meeting with him every 2 weeks for 8 weeks now and I have lost 32 lbs!!!!

It has really seemed to make a difference that I have paid the money AND made the commitment.

A few things seems better this time - I am getting rid of the bigger clothes as I outgrown them :)

I have even gotten a few "inspiration" pieces in my goal size - my favorite one is a Michael Kors jacket.  It is SOOO cute!

I even think i can actually image myself skinny!!

The plan is healthy food and exercise - wow, what a novel concept.

It is hard work, but it is a new lifestyle for me - just taking it day by day :)


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