Slow and Steady


I am happy to report that I am still progressing and am really finding that slow and steady is where I am at.... 76 pounds down now in about 6 months.  I say slow and steady because it was fast and furious at the beginning, but has really slowed down.

I know that most of that is because I am settling in and not being as strict.  But that is okay too.  My goal is long term weight loss.

This is the most I have ever lost.  I do have the fear that I will gain it back and I think that is why I am so thrilled to be keeping it off and losing a little bit too :)

I am trying to eat as many "whole foods" like fruits and vegetables (I gave up on the low carb because I wasn't feeling as good).  Trial and error has been a big part of this journey.  I figure any program works if you stick with it.


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