New Year, New You - 2016 Health Games Challenge


New Year, New You Health Game Challenge

Lose 6% in 6 weeks or Maintain within -5.99% to 1% 

Starts January 18th and goes through Feb 28th

You can do this challenge totally online - but you have a FREE health coach who is there to help you all along the way. You can text, call, instant message or video chat!

Each challenge has two categories for you to select from: Target Weight Loss, and Maintain.
If you choose to participate in the Weight Loss category, you'll need to lose at least 6% of your starting weight over the course of the challenge, and you're free to lose up to 12%!

If you are completing the challenge in the Maintain option, you have a different set of rules. You will be given a bracket of weight which you will need to maintain your weight within. You CAN lose up to 3.99% in this category but you CANNOT gain more than 1% of your starting weight.

Welcome! During this this fun 6 wk. challenge you will learn how to adopt the daily Habits of Health while playing in a fun game & participating in weekly contests to accelerate your results. Win prizes/cash for participating & achieving your goals!

Ante is just $20 + $3.95 processing fee
50% of the ante goes to winners' pool and this is distributed equally to all winners. Winners are credited their winnings to their MeltDown Challenge account and then they can cash out their winnings/credits to their PayPal account. A PayPal account is required to receive any winnings from the MeltDown Challenge.
25% of the total pool goes towards incentives and prizes for participants (challengers) throughout the Health Games Challenge, program and coach training scholarships and other incentive administrative costs.
25% of the total pool goes to MeltDown Challenge LLC, who provides this cool platform for us to play the Health Games Challenge.

go here to join or find out more information:



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