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Though your journey toward Optimal Health may begin with weight loss or losing unhealthy habits, you will likely soon realize that creating health is more about what you gain rather than what you lose. Sure, losing weight feels good, but what that accomplishment gives you is far more rewarding.

In losing weight or unhealthy habits, you regain control of your destiny. You can be more active. You can spend more time with your family. You can recapture your self-confidence. You can unlock a vibrant new lifestyle. Ultimately, what you gain is more meaningful time to spend with the ones that you love.

Being proactive about your health leads to far more rewards than being reactive, which is the basis of the Optimal Health mindset. How you frame this in your mind is important. Rather than thinking about losing weight or what unhealthy habits could negatively mean for your life, think instead about what you will gain. Since you know that your mental health is intertwined with your physical health, you can focus on all of the great things you will be able to do and experience with a greater mental presence.

Don’t think about losing weight. Think about gaining confidence and health. Don’t think about being afraid of disease. Think about adding more wonderful memories to your life. You can create new memories with the people you love. You can enjoy more of the activities that leave you feeling fulfilled. You can savor a more vibrant lifestyle. Optimal Health is truly about growth. In the long term, what you gain can be far more meaningful than what you lose.



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