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The human mind is a great thing.  We all know this and most of us have heard stories of great healing using the mind.  I recently talked with a friend of mine, Randy, who said something that most fat people, including myself, would be happy to embrace.  He said "It is not about the food".

We all know people who are slim, if not downright skinny, who can eat their weight in food.  Their metabolism is high enough to burn off the food that they ingest.  Randy explained that the power of the mind is strong enough to readjust your inner fat burning thermostat.

So several times a day I close my eyes and visualize my thermostat rising.  Right now I am mentally adjusting my rate to 87 or 88 and plan on raising it to 99 eventually.  Randy did caution me to raise my thermostat slowly over a few weeks time.

Amazingly, I have been having success!  I also have a great sense of freedom.  I don't have to think about food all the time!  And this fact alone has been one of the biggest reasons I feel that this process is working.  When I don't think about food all day, I find that I actually eat less naturally.

This man classify as "too much information" (TMI) but I always know that I am losing weight when I have to get up in the middle of the night and use the rest room.  I only get up to the rest room if I am losing weight.  Three days after I started adjusting my thermostat I had to use the facilities - and consistently since then.

I think this is a great addition to whatever program you may be using - Utilize the power of the mind.


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