Diets are hard to maintain


Why are diets (new lifestyles) so hard to maintain? It is day 12 on the Atkins low carb, high protein plan and I am feeling tired of it - don't get me wrong, I am sticking with the plan.

I guess it doesn't help much that this week there wasn't much weight loss. Hopefully things will begin to move on the scale.

I also plan on trying a few different recipes - Tomorrow we are having cream cheese chicken - I pan fry chicken breast chunks in butter, onions and garlic and then add in the cream cheese - all legal on the low carb plan (I will try to include a picture for tomorrow - that is my new plan too - I have been visiting numerous blogs that take pics of their food)

Tonight my man grilled pork chops, steamed broccoli and cauliflower. It was good, but the thin boneless pork chops were a little tough - don't worry he doesn't like to read :)


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