Eating out while on a diet


For the last couple of days the scales have not moved! I have been feeling a little frustrated, and to make matters worse I knew I had to eat out twice in one day!

The first meeting was a networking luncheon with the WCR (women's council of realtors) and the HBA (Home builder's association) They have a set meal plan and just come around and set your plate in front of you. The first course was a salad and they had only one dressing choice at the table - ranch - so that was great - following the plan.

The second course - at my table the first person served receive a large plate of pasta - oh great - I couldn't even pretend to eat that being on the low carb plan. I had made the plan ahead of time to just kind of move things around on my plate if I couldn't eat much - fortunately this was a special non-gluten request. The rest of us were searched grilled chicken, potatoes and veggies - I did good with that and just left the potatoes.

The dessert part! They brought out the best looking brownies, with icing! and the biggest, thickest, homemade cookies imaginable. One lady at the table commented on how they were the best cookies and had caramel laced throughout!  Only two people at the table ate them though - willpower?

The next eat out meal was a dinner - going to a buffet and it was great - lots of meat choices, green pepper, broccoli, etc. But I still wondered if I had over done it with the quantity.

Since the scales had not been moving I was scared - I even was thinking that if i gained I would have myself a little treat - yep that is what I was thinking. But today when I woke up I was .........

2 pounds lighter!!


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