Do skinny girls think about food?


Do really skinny girls spend all their time thinking about food of very little time thinking about food? 

Looking at a pic of Courtney Love, I didn't notice what she was wearing or the bag she was carrying - all I could think about is if she ever thinks about food.

One of my really skinny friends does not like to think about food.  It can even make her nauseous.  And when she is at get togethers she hates hearing about food - she says it drains her.

On the other hand my friend, Susan, is slim and she constantly talks about food, reads recipes, and is basically obsessed with the calories and fats in foods.  She seems to have a fear of food, however.  She is so afraid of gaining weight.

It is also interesting in watching skinny people eat.  Sometimes it seems like they spend most of their time moving the food around the plate.   At a buffet my skinny friends tend to pile the food on the plate, take a bite or two and then push the plate away.

So what do you think?


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