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As I spend more and more time blog surfing, I have decided that I will try to review several blogs a week - if you would like your blog reveiwed, follow my blog and send me a message with your blog info.

Today I have picked It is:
"nonsense of a sad mind - Basically mix rants, ramblings, emotion on any person or thing. This will not be an everyday account of life but silly but deep interpretation of events and places. A life on journey with nothing to do - boredom and sadness but with a bittersweet smile that would be near to insanity"

Even though the author's description might be a little off putting,  I found the content to be very diverse.  The first page talked about heroes and angels both.  There are quite a few different categories as well, everything ranging from art and fashion to sports and technology.  There are also other blog reviews as well as free stuff, fun stuff and creepy stuff.  Most blogs do not offer the diversity this one does.  Be sure to check out

And remember, unless you are reading a food blog, with tons of appetizing food photos, it is hard to eat and blog at the same time.


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