The Beck Diet Solution - Day 2


On Day 2 you pick two reasonable diets to follow - one as a primary and one as a back up.

I am planning on sticking with my current plan - watching calorie intake and keeping  the fat grams down to a reasonable amount.  I am not sure of the back up - I have lots of nutrisytem food I bought off of craigslist, and I do eat some of them in a day, but I am not following it strictly.

My old standby that I can really lose weight with is the Atkins, low carb - I am really tempted to go back to that one - I have done that 3 separate times and each time I lose 45 pounds in 4 months - go off and slowly gain it back - this time with the exercise program, maybe I could keep it going.

I am going to really consider going back on the Atkins - any input would be greatly appreciated :)  Just by blogging about it  - makes me really tempted.


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