Low Carb Eating & Day 8 of the Beck Diet


I am on day 5 of eating the low carb way, and today I am not hungry at all. That is great - but the one problem I see is that I am not eating enough.  I have a pork roast in the oven and it is smelling great, so I know I will enjoy eating that tonight, with veggies and maybe a little cheese.

I am down 5 lbs and am getting my energy back.  I did my exercise on the gazelle because it is a great low impact exercise and fits in well with the low carb, high protein eating plan.  It is actually an exercise that I have been able to continue to do.  I plan on working with my hand weights later as I watch tv. 
I watched the biggest loser last night and I sure can relate better to what they are going through.

The Beck diet Day 8: – Create time and energy

In order to be successful at dieting, you must make the time to devote to shopping, planning and preparing meals, exercising, and the other aspects of improving your life.

 I have been doing this by cooking, stocking the cabinets with protein and other low carb foods, exercising moderately for the first few days at least, and reading tons of blogs and articles online about the low carb lifestyle.



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