Should You Weight Yourself Everyday?


The debate continues - Should You Weight Yourself Everyday?

Some consider it unhealthy, because those who have anorexia or other eating disorders will have a tendency to be obsessive about their weight. Others, however, think that it provides feedback and motivation for them to eat better and get their exercise routine in.

Well, I am so glad that the scale was my friend today - the 2 pound overnight weight gain is gone - makes me glad I did not just weight once a week and see that gain. One benefit to weighing everyday is that you see the ups and downs - then if you concentrate on the trends, the pattern is plan.

Several well-controlled studies found that daily weighing helps with both weight loss and the prevention of weight gain. A study from the University of Minnesota looked at the influence of the frequency of self-weighing on weight change in more than 3,000 adults enrolled in either a weight-loss trial or a weight-gain prevention trial. Higher frequency of weighing was found to be associated with greater weight loss or less weight gain over the two years of the trials.

In the recent best-selling book “You: On a Diet,” authors Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz urge readers to “ditch the scale.” Instead we should pay attention to our waist size, they say.

Both sides make valid points, but when you get right down to it, I suppose it's really more of a personal choice. Whichever way encourages you the most, that is the right one for you.


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