Diet I have never heard of - the AccuWeight Diet


I have never heard of the Accuweight Diet. Accu Weight is a weight loss program in which both Asian and American weight-loss concepts are combined and no medication is used.

It involves accupressure, done every 2 hours with Chi Gong breathing exercises each time. The accupressure blocks feelings of hunger, and tells the hypothalamus gland that you are totally satisfied and you are getting all the basic fat, protein and amino acids you need. The acupressure element of the program is designed to provide appetite control. Pressure applied to tiny beads placed behind the ear is said to trick the body into feeling full.


Eating is done in rotation of 2 days of veggies and fruits - up to 2 lbs, and then 2 days of dairy - up to 20 oz of milk or plain yogurt. All eating must be done between the hours of 12 noon and 6PM. Zero-Calorie drinks and flavorings are allowed 24x7.

All spices are allowed. No legumes are allowed including soy.
No starchy vegetables like peas, corn or potatoes and of course, absolutely no bread!

No vinegar or oils of any kind are allowed because they will disturb the chemical makeup in your stomach that triggers fat burning.
Using a small amount of PAM cooking spray is OK.

You are also urged to get some exercise each day, although it is not required.

You are also asked to drink at least 8+ glasses of water a day. The more water you drink the more weight you will lose.

Everyone should take a multi-vitamin each day, and women should also take a magnesium & calcium supplement.

Probably on this phase the first week or so


During Phase 2, you will eat more normally, and will continue losing weight.

During Phase 2 you still NEVER eat before Noon (well, 11:30 if you’re desperate!) You still cannot eat any starch or sugar such as potatoes, rice, pasta, desserts, etc.

• Now you are allowed to eat later than 6pm, but you DON’T EAT ANYTHING WITHIN 2 HOURS OF GOING TO BED!!!!!! However, prior to bedtime, you can still have water, black coffee, tea, diet soda, just as before Noon. During Phase 2 you can actually eat out at night – just be careful what you order.

• You are now allowed a modest portion of either fish or chicken breast at dinnertime. NO red meat or veal yet.

• You can now have vinegar on your salads, but ONLY balsamic vinegar (not regular) and still NO OIL!!!!! Only the spray olive oil or Pam for cooking.

• You can have a glass of wine with dinner several nights per week

• 2 days a week (they don’t have to be consecutive) you go back to a Milk/Yogurt day as you did in the Induction Phase – (eating only between Noon and 6pm).

• No starchy veggies such as peas, corn or beans.

• During this phase fruit is limited to 1 per day, as a snack in between lunch & dinner….not nearly as much fruit as you were allowed in the induction phase.

• You can now have eggs and a small amount of cheese, so if you wanted to have a cheese omelette for lunch or dinner – it’s ok

Continue with Phase 2 until you have lost the weight/size that you want.

Interesting? Has anyone tried this one? Sounds pretty low calorie.


Michelle January 25, 2010 at 10:20 AM  

Sounds kind of complicated LOL

Lauralei Properties January 25, 2010 at 6:28 PM  

that is my first impression too :) but since i had never heard of it (and it is suppose to be 20 years ol d) I thought there might be others out there that might find it new and interesting too - makes low carb or low cal sound like a piece of cake :)

Anonymous,  January 25, 2010 at 11:03 PM  

"I've tried various diets for the past 4+ years. I prefer the Medifast Diet because it doesn't make me feel weak or sickly (as compared to some others I've tried). I also found a good website for buying my Medifast products at a discounted price Medifast-Diet

Lauralei Properties January 26, 2010 at 1:12 AM  

wasn't medifast the diet Oprah did so many years ago?

Tina June 11, 2010 at 10:54 PM  

Hi all, just to respond to your posts. I am currently back on Accu-Weight. The first time (2008)i lost about 30 lbs in 6 weeks & although I have gained some (maybe 15 lbs) of that back since that time, I can only blame myself (irrational eating, quiting smoking, etc). It is a very hard, restricted diet & you must get creative. After your first week of loss (which is usually a big amount), its definate motivation to keep going. Definately give it a try - Dr. Schwartz doesn't use advertisement, all of his clients are from word of mouth, so that definately says something. Good luck :-)

selena September 16, 2010 at 1:29 AM  

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joanna johnson October 2, 2014 at 6:32 PM  

1. The first phase of Accuweight is detox until you nearly reach your goal. This could take months, and is difficult to endure with only, roughly 400-500 calories per day.
2. The second phase is Maintenance, meaning you can never go back to old eating habits. This is lifelong.
3. While the science behind alternating dairy and plants seems reasonably sound, that milk loosens fat stores while plant enzymes dissolve the loosened fat, there isn't any researchable evidence that the body searches for nutrition only between Noon and 6 PM and that it cannibalizes itself outside of that time frame.
4. Almost everyone I've known to complete the program has gained back significant weight, thus encouraging a Yo-Yo dieting disorder.
5. The inclusion of diet beverages with aspartame, fake flavorings embedded with chemicals such as Butter Buds, poses health compromises.
6. There are risks despite supplementing. Many women develop irregular periods as a result of Accuweight. Countless people complete the program with an onset of an ulcerative condition which didn't previously exist. Others report hair loss and brittle nails.
7. It can be an effective rapid weight loss approach due to the very low calorie intake, alone. But even the Maintenance period is not a way of life. Once someone approaches their weight goal, they are better positioned to transition into an organic, whole foods, clean-eating, Vegetarian lifestyle that is far superior to AW's Maintenance phase.
Just FYI.
P.S. I lost 50 on AW, but gained most back when reverting to a balanced diet in greater quantity.

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