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The Perfect Diet is a Change of Lifestyle

by Guest Author: trialabevonnwj
The perfect diet is in weight loss, what in physics is the perpetuum mobile  - the holy grail millions of overweight people rsp. generations of  relentless physicists are (were)looking for. Unfortunately there is so far  no such thing in both worlds, so that at least in the field of weight loss,  we are forced to find a pragmatic approach, which is in line with our  target, lifestyle and persistence. 

I am glad to be able to tell my own diet success story:  how I reached my  target weight (minus 30 pounds),  improved significantly my fitness level by  doing so and all this in under four months time.  Yet, this story is  preceded with a warning for all couch potatoes: my success story did not  come to life as a sweatless miracle but rather through intensive diet  research, a bit of luck, strict adherence to my self imposed formula and  last but not least, by adding exercising effort and persistency to reach my  ambitious goal.

My quest to find my most suitable diet on the market was based on my  following requirements, which narrowed the options significantly:

    * The diet should support colon cleansing (flush toxins, gain energy)

    * Must contain anti-oxidants to fight free radicals  (health issue)

    * Must increase metabolism  (better calorie usage)

    * Must enhance the immune system  (key health issue)

    * I must be convinced of and familiar with most of the ingredients from

      my normal lifestyle    (for easy adaptation)

The latter seemed relevant to me in view of my intention to combine dieting  with systematic exercising, so that my body did not have to go through any  major nutritional adjustment period, which would not be helpful to my  training program. As weight loss is all about burning more calories than  taking in, I believe exercising is and should be a vital part of each weight  loss program! This combination (diet & exercise) opens the door to a  lifestyle change, which is crucial in making the weight loss permanent, in  other words: no more yo-yo dieting!

To achieve this, the formula to take seriously is simple

Calorie output – Calorie input = Calorie  deficit

where : Calorie output = Metabolic Resting Rate + Exercising calories

With my 3 times two hour cycling (on average per week) I burned 1800 extra  calories and my metabolic resting/light activity use of 2500 calories and an  estimated average calorie intake limited to 2000 calories per day (yes,  calorie counting makes sense!), my weekly calorie equation looks as follows:

7 x 2500 + 3 x 1800 – 7 x 2000 = 8900 = weekly calorie deficit

If I would have chosen to be a couch potatoe, my weekly deficit would have  been only 3500 calories. This would have not only required a much longer  dieting period than the 4 months, but I would have missed out at the same  time the health and fitness benefits, in addition to much higher diet costs.  How smart is that?

One word of warning: especially, when starting into a new exercising routine  we must ensure to pay attention to your body’s inborn intelligence.  If this  intelligence tells us to take it easy or skip exercising for a day or two (=   when we don’t feel so well!), then it is wise to follow this body talk.  If  the ego rules, overriding the body signals with uncensored ambition, we can  pay quickly the price by collapse or even worse. I experienced it and  learned my lesson!

So now look for the diet, which fulfills your own requirements, set up an  exercising routine you can hold on to and you will never look back and never  will need a crash diet again. Why? Because you then not only have lost  weight but changed your lifestyle at the same time. You finally might have  found the recipe, which will work for you too as it did for me. And there is  quite a good chance that this time your weight loss success will be for  life!





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