The Low Carb Lifestyle


 I have decided to go on the low carb diet - I have been on this one before and have always lost weight - The best part about it - I don't have to limit what I eat - just what kinds of foods.

I read this last night:
 "Some people reading this post will have – at some point, at least – enjoyed the benefits of a low-carb diet.  They will have had more energy, slept better, rid themselves of heartburn and GERD, stabilized blood sugar, reduced blood pressure, normalized lipids and lost weight.  Many will have been able to rid themselves of one or even a handful of drugs.  All will have felt much, much better than before starting the diet.  And, if most are like me, will marvel on what a wonderfully filling and satisfying diet it is and will tell them selves that the low-carb diet is really the only diet worth following."

I am on my third day and feeling a little sluggish - the first 3 days are rough for me, and then, when I get over the transition stage - I feel better than ever.  I will have more energy and the best part is NO sugar cravings.


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